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invisalign vs OrthoSnap: whats best?

OrthoSnap vs Invisalign®—Which is the Best Choice for Your Patients?

invisalign vs OrthoSnap: whats best?Most people have heard of Invisalign®—a removable and “invisible” alternative to braces. Who wouldn’t prefer an “invisible” option? One that doesn’t leave your mouth filled with unsightly and painful metal?

The problem with Invisalign, however, is that it is not a viable option for many patients. It can also be more expensive than traditional braces.

That’s why Dr. Yan Pogorelsky decided to invent a superior option. One that would make “invisible” braces available to a much larger population.

Welcome to the newest innovation in braces: OrthoSnap.

OrthoSnap vs Invisalign—You Do Not Have to Sacrifice Quality to Save Money

OrthoSnap has the same function as Invisalign—clear aligners that correct misaligned teeth—but comes with a much-reduced price.

How is that?

Have you ever experienced the difference between a “brand name” and generic product?

Sure, sometimes the “brand name” is worth the extra money. But not always. Sometimes there is little, if any, difference between “brand name” and generic—aside from price. In fact, sometimes they are actually the same exact product with the same ingredients and are even produced in the same plant. The only difference between the two is the label. Oh, and the price.

Sure, there are some people who choose a name brand just because of the name. Many pick more expensive products because their favorite athlete endorses them. Others believe you “get what you pay for” and think the price guarantees a better a product.

However, if you want a good value with proven results, OrthoSnap is the best choice.

And guess what? You aren’t sacrificing quality. Instead, you get the new and improved version of clear aligners, which were invented in 2011 by Dr. Pogorelsky and are FDA approved.

OrthoSnap conducted market and clinical trials on over 2,000 cases in the first three years. These trials proved that the effectiveness of OrthoSnap surpassed all other aligners on the market. The trials also demonstrated that OrthoSnap can take care of many clinical issues that other aligners cannot address.

All this while reducing costs by over 30 percent.

Who says you have to sacrifice quality to save money?

How is OrthoSnap superior?

We didn’t invent aligners, but we found a way to improve them. Our patented approach improves the effectiveness and accuracy of straightening teeth by using impressions.

Most aligners on the market utilize CAD-based systems and 3D printing. While CAD has progressed dentistry in many areas, it is not the best option for aligners due to certain limitations. For instance, 3D printing is not capable of printing angled surfaces, so “steps” must be utilized. These “steps,” which are visible to the naked eye, result in inaccuracies that don’t allow for a perfect fit.

Without a perfect fit, it takes longer to get the teeth where they should be. It also causes patients discomfort, which decreases compliance.

At OrthoSnap, we produce our aligners from patient impressions. The process involves making an original cast, then performing fine-tuned manipulations to the teeth. A new aligner is created after each manipulation. This process is repeated until the teeth are all properly aligned.

Another reason our aligners are superior is that our process allows fine movements to each tooth separately, ensuring an exact fit for each one.

The end result is a sequence of trays that will gently move the teeth as the patient progresses in treatment.

Since they fit so precisely, the aligners produce a firm “snap” when they are put in place. And because of the perfect fit, patients receive faster results with higher satisfaction levels.

You can also rest assured that the aligners are manufactured under precise controls here in the United States.

Click here to get more information about the patented process.

What to Expect with OrthoSnap

OrthoSnap helps with gaps, crooked teeth, and overlapping. Patients interested in this advanced technology will need a consultation with an OrthoSnap provider to determine if these aligners are right for them.

Once a patient is ready to get started, impressions are made and sent to the OrthoSnap processing facility. The aligners are custom-made based on a patient’s impressions.

Patients should wear the aligners as much as possible. The more they keep them in, the faster the teeth will adjust. We suggest patients only remove the aligners to eat and brush their teeth. Most patients have no difficulty keeping the aligners in all the time since they are made of a thin, clear material that is comfortable and hardly noticeable.

If the aligners are kept in place enough, patients can expect to advance to a new aligner every two weeks or so. Each new set moves the teeth closer to the perfect position.

When treatment is completed, your patients will thank you for their beautifully straight teeth.

Ready to get your patients started on their new smiles? Our team at OrthoSnap will be here every step of the way. We are a full-service manufacturer and offer training and technical support free of charge.

Contact us online or call (516) 506-7606 today to learn more about this exciting technology or to find out how you can become a provider.

A Symmetrical Smile Is a Healthy Smile

There are many great points that can be made when explaining the benefits of Orthodsnap clear aligners to your patients. Our unique approach to manufacturing aligners means that they are superior and more effective than our competitors’ aligner trays. Our process also reduces cost, which means you can offer your patients competitive price-point options. One feature that should not be left out of the discussion when explaining the many benefits of Orthosnap is oral health. 

How Does Orthosnap Benefit Oral Health?

Cosmetic benefits weight high on the minds of patients who seek clear aligners to straighten their teeth. Orthosnap was designed with these cosmetic goals in mind.  OrthoSnap produces each tray from an original cast and uses superior impression molding. By forgoing 3D printing, Orthosnap is able to deliver drastic cosmetic results in less time and at a lower price point than competitors. 

As it turns out, a straighter smile is a healthier smile. Patients should understand the oral health problems that are associated with misaligned teeth. Crooked teeth make brushing and flossing difficult. When food particles are left on the surface of a tooth for too long, the mixture of bacteria, saliva, and food can form plaque. If the plaque is not removed soon enough, it can harden into a tough substance known as tartar. The interaction of bacteria and buildup along your teeth can lead to tooth decay, periodontal disease, and even tooth loss. Once patients begin Orthosnap treatments, the hard-to-reach portions of their teeth will become reachable during cleanings. This will reduce your patients’ risk for gum disease and decay. 

By explaining the health benefits of Orthosnap aligners, patients will understand that the investment may prevent costly restorative treatments that may be needed to address gum disease and decay down the road. Another benefit of a more symmetrical smile is that patients will be more motivated to maintain their new and more attractive smile. Once your patients realize the personal benefits of having a beautiful smile, they will redouble their efforts to maintain their new smile with proper oral hygiene and regular visits to your dental practice. 

Follow-Up Talking Points for Potential Orthosnap Patients

Along with improved oral health, patients should understand the leading benefits of choosing Orthosnap clear aligners over competitors. A few of these include:

  • Lower cost: The unique impression molding technique that Orthosnap has patented has the added benefit of providing custom aligner trays at a lower price-point than competitors. Dental offices that provide Orthosnap clear aligners can pass those cost-savings to patients. 
  • Shorter treatment timeline: The 3D printing technique used by our competitors accumulates small errors. After several weeks or months, this means that patients who use Invisalign aligners have to return to their dentist to have new molds or impressions made. This can delay their treatment timeline by several weeks.  
  • Better fit: Impression molding is proven to produce a snugger fit than 3D printing. This means better cosmetic results in a shorter timeframe for your patients. 

Provide Your Patients With the Unique Benefits of Orthosnap Clear Aligners 

By providing your patients with Orthosnap clear aligners, you are providing your patients with the most advanced clear aligner technology available. If you are ready to become a part of the growing family of dental practices that uses our advanced approach to teeth straightening, we welcome you to contact our office online. logo

Michael Loeb of Joins OrthoSnap

Dr. Yan Pogorelsky, creator and founder of OrthoSnap®, published three patents in the United States in 2011. Since that time, the company has grown immensely. By 2015, the product had been approved by the FDA and was being offered by 200 providers in the New York City area. A year later, 100 patients per month were undergoing orthodontic treatment with OrthoSnap. As OrthoSnap continues rapid growth, the company is taking a sensical next step. We are thrilled to announce that Michael Loeb of is joining OrthoSnap’s Corporate Board of Directors. Read the official press release here.

More about is a venture collective that helps startup businesses reach their full potential. With an impressive portfolio of over 18 direct investments, founders, Michael Loeb and Rich Vogel, have created a new model exclusively for startup investments.

What does this mean for OrthoSnap? It means that we can significantly reduce the risk associated with startups and early business growth. With Loeb’s help, we can focus more on branding, strategy, operations, sales and marketing, technology, data analytics, facilities, and community.

A Word from OrthoSnap’s Founder

Yan Pogorelsky, the founder of OrthoSnap, had this to say about Loeb’s investment:

“OrthoSnap has served a growing number of dental practitioners since 2012. Our product and its unique advantages are ready to be shared more broadly and we’re thrilled to have the support of The opportunity to have a positive and significant impact on the lives of millions of people is what motivates and inspires us and our dentist partners each and every day.”

A Word from Michael Loeb

Founder and CEO of, Michael Loeb, is not only investing in OrthoSnap, but he is also taking a seat on the company’s Board of Directors. Here’s what he had to say about this new venture:

“We are pleased to announce our investment in OrthoSnap, an innovative adult orthodontia company with a true path to dominance in the clear aligner space. I look forward to working closely with the OrthoSnap team to see that this superior aligner is introduced to more and more dentists so it can benefit more and more patients.”

How the Investment Came to Be

For the past year, OrthoSnap has benefited from the consulting advice of Michael Yoon, Founder of YonoVentures, LLC. Encouraged by OrthoSnap’s success thus far, Yoon introduced the company to He had this to say about the recent investment:

“OrthoSnap is poised to have a huge impact by bringing safe and affordable dental care to the millions of people who can benefit from OrthoSnap’s Clear Aligner treatment, and is the ideal partner to help achieve that goal.”

How this Investment Will Help Our Clients

OrthoSnap’s primary goal has always been the same: To provide patients with a superior clear aligner solution. The best way to do that is to educate dental providers and the community about our product, which achieves unparalleled accuracy by combining digital technology with physical cast models.

With the help of, OrthoSnap will be able to reach a larger audience and have a greater impact on the oral health of Americans.

Contact OrthoSnap Today

If you’re a dental provider who wants to incorporate OrthoSnap into your practice, reach out to us online anytime. You can also email the inventor and founder, Yan Pogorelsky, at

Tips for Explaining the Benefits of OrthoSnap to Patients

Having a large market share does not mean that a company’s product is the best of its type. Take some of the heavyweight tech giants like Microsoft or America Online (AOL) in the mid-1990s for example. Today, the clear aligner market is largely defined by Invisalign, Smile Direct Club, and a handful of invisible braces companies. When offering the superior benefits of OrthoSnap clear aligners to patients, you may be asked questions like, “How is this better than Invisalign?” This overview will help you navigate those conversations in a manner that any patient can understand.  

Important OrthoSnap Talking Points

Keeping your talking points to three (or four at most) will help your patients remember why your office chooses OrthoSnap over competitors.

A more precise fit

By forgoing 3D printing in favor of impression molding, OrthoSnap can deliver aligners that fit more snugly against a patient’s teeth. This superior contact allows OrthoSnap aligners to move teeth more accurately and effectively. A good example you can use with your patients is the metaphor of a wrench. If a wrench does not fit snugly against a bolt, it will not be able to move the bolt tighter or looser. The wrench will slightly wiggle as it works. The same is true for aligner trays. Doctors who use our trays report a tighter “snap” when placing the aligner trays on patients.

Lower price point

The advanced impression molding technology that allows our aligners to move teeth with higher accuracy also allows OrthoSnap to produce trays at a more competitive price point compared to Invisalign and other companies. These cost savings are passed on to you and your customers. If you offer teeth whitening or other complimentary cosmetic treatments, you can recommend that they use their savings to invest in cosmetic treatments that will deliver even more drastic results!

Shorter treatment time

OrthoSnap treatments are proven to deliver faster results than our competitors. 3D printing can lead to an accumulation of measurement errors that can leave patients with ill-fitting trays mid-way through their treatments. This delay often requires that customers who use Invisalign or similar trays have to have molds or digital images remade. Waiting on new trays can take weeks or longer. Patients who use OrthoSnap will never have these problems.

Better results

The accuracy afforded by impression molding means that your patients’ smiles will be near perfect by the end of their treatments. Explaining to your patients that they can expect satisfying and life-changing cosmetic results by relying on OrthoSnap’s superior aligner trays is a great way to create enthusiasm for the treatments.

Contact OrthoSnap to Learn More

The most important talking point you can deliver is based on the trust you have built with your patients over the years. Your customers return to you because they trust your judgment and skills. Communicate clearly that you have examined every clear aligner program out there and no treatment offers the quality and affordability of OrthoSnap.

At OrthoSnap, we provide aligners that are superior and more effective than our competitors. Our process also reduces overall cost, meaning you can offer your patients competitive price-point options. To learn about OrthoSnap’s innovative modeling system, visit our webpage How OrthoSnap Works or email OrthoSnap inventor Yan Pogorelsky at

Answering Questions About Direct-to-Consumer Aligners

In today’s economy, consumers (our dental patients) have come to expect services to be provided more easily, conveniently, and with greater flexibility than ever before. Just take Uber, Amazon Prime, and GrubHub; it’s no wonder that the same concept of “fast, affordable goods and services directly to the home” has rubbed off into the medical and dental fields.

As a dentist, you have probably fielded questions about the popular new trend of direct-to-consumer aligners. Many patients have questions about their effectiveness, quality, and price. Below, we’ve provided some talking points that will help you answer questions your patients may have. By talking together, you can help them see the value of partnering with a dentist for any and all dental and orthodontic treatment in the future.

Dentists Take a Closer Look at All Alignment Problems

The problem with many direct-to-consumer aligner brands is that their only method of determining alignment treatment is through a DIY bite impression. X-rays, examinations, and dental health history such as the presence of crowns and implants and jaw bone density information is not at the center of planning treatment like it would be in a dental or orthodontic practice. It’s important to discuss with patients that alignment problems are not just caused by the visibly crowded, gapped, or overlapping teeth; structures underneath the gumline play a pivotal role in the shape and function of the bite, and it’s important to consider them as much as the visible areas of the teeth.

Dentists Create More Accurate Impressions

While impressions are not the only factor that should be used to determine orthodontic treatment, they do remain an important part of treatment. The DIY impression kits that are shipped to consumers seem easy enough: simply follow the instructions! But dental impressions that guide treatment should be of the utmost quality and precision. Though a patient may do their best to create a quality impression, only trained dental professionals can really tell if an impression is done well.

Visiting A Dentist Provides Accountability

Regular check-ins with a dentist can help a patient hold themselves accountable during treatment. This is especially important for treatment involving a removable aligner such as these. A dental practice can provide regular examinations to determine progress, and offer support along the way for patients who may be struggling to commit to treatment.

Oral Health Always Comes First

It’s easy to understand why a patient desires a straighter smile. Cosmetic improvements to the smile can pay off with increased confidence and improved smile aesthetics. But first and foremost, your mouth should be healthy and free from tooth decay or gum disease. Patients with these conditions who order direct-to-consumer aligners are treating the cosmetic aspects of the smile before they are correcting their underlying health and functionality. In dental care, putting the cart before the horse can mean the cosmetic results do not last as long, or do not produce the desired end result.

OrthoSnap: Doctors are our Partners

Connect with OrthoSnap for additional information on our unique clear aligner solution and learn how to become an OrthoSnap provider in your area. With three patents and registration with the FDA, OrthoSnap provides a unique molding system for better-fitting aligners.  Learn more about OrthoSnap by scheduling a meeting with our founder, Yan Pogorelsky. You can also call us at 516-606-7606.

OrthoSnap vs Traditional Braces: Which Is Right For Your Patient?

When deciding which orthodontic treatment is right for your patient, there are several options. Patients today can opt for traditional metal braces, clear braces, Invisalign, and OrthoSnap clear aligners, depending on what your clinic offers. Deciding which option is best for your patient requires considering several factors, including cost, duration of treatment, comfort, and effectiveness.

One feature that sets OrthoSnap apart from other treatments is that our clear aligners work more quickly than other clear aligner systems while maintaining superior comfort over conventional braces. If your patient is considering orthodontic treatments and has questions about OrthoSnap, this overview should help them decide which option will work best.

Benefits of Traditional Braces

Individuals who believe they will have a hard time wearing clear aligners for 20 to 22 hours per day may benefit from traditional braces, which cannot be removed. Patients with particularly large gaps or complex cosmetic needs may benefit from traditional braces, although OrthoSnap is designed to treat complex cases that Invisalign cannot.

Benefits of OrthoSnap Clear Aligners

OrthoSnap clear aligners offer superior comfort compared to traditional metal braces, which require periodic tightening of metal wires. The clear aligners are also far more discrete. Most people will not be able to tell when you are wearing them. OrthoSnap also has the convenience of being removable for short periods of time. Other benefits of OrthoSnap over traditional braces include:

  • A shorter treatment timeline
  • Superior comfort
  • Affordability (OrthoSnap is often less expensive than Invisalign or braces)
  • No tightening appointments
  • No extractions or IPR
  • Ease of cleaning
  • Eligibility for certain types of dental insurance
  • A virtually invisible treatment
  • No dietary restrictions
  • Minimal oral discomfort

OrthoSnap clear aligners also have several benefits over other clear aligner brands. Our clear trays are more effective than Invisalign while costing significantly less (30 percent less in many cases). OrthoSnap treatments move individual teeth, meaning there is no need for IPR (interproximal reduction) to remove small amounts of enamel. OrthoSnap is also proven to align teeth in a shorter period of time than other clear aligner brands.

Which Option Is Right For The Patient?

When choosing between OrthoSnap clear aligners and traditional metal braces, ask your patient to consider the following questions.

  • Which option fits my budget?
  • How long do I want to undergo orthodontic treatments for?
  • Which choice will deliver a more comfortable experience?
  • How can I achieve the most optimal cosmetic results?
  • What is my pain tolerance?
  • Which treatment will be more discreet?

Learn How OrthoSnap Can Brighten Your Patient’s Smile

OrthoSnap technology was first patented in 2011 by Dr. Yan Pogorelsky. The trays are designed to improve the accuracy and effectiveness of aligners by eliminating the multi-step 3D/CAD process that can result in compounded inaccuracies that undermine the performance of the aligners and treatment overall. Our trays are manufactured with impression molding. This difference between the two processes can be seen with the naked eye.

To learn more about the benefits of OrthoSnap over traditional braces, contact our office online or call (516) 506-7606.

encourage patient compliance during OrthoSnap treatment

Encouraging Patient Compliance During Treatment

OrthoSnap, like other clear aligners on the market today, are removable. Therefore, patient responsibility and discipline in wearing the aligners is key to a successful treatment. Luckily, OrthoSnap makes it easy to check for diligent, daily wear with our Verification Key™ aligner. When you do realize a patient is not diligently wearing OrthoSnap aligners, there are things you can do to help encourage more regular use for improved treatment success.  Below, learn some tips from our OrthoSnap team to help you during those important conversations.

If your patient is not regularly wearing their OrthoSnap aligners, the Verification Key™, available for every 10 steps (or 3-4 months), alerts you that treatment is not progressing as it should. Be honest with your patient of your findings and ask them why they believe their treatment isn’t progressing normally. Be sure to listen and take in any clues that could alert you to the reason why compliance is lacking. This could be that they snack frequently and forget to put the aligner back in, they find it alters their speech, they don’t like the look of the aligner, or they simply forget. Address their issues and advise on a solution that can work for them.

Stay Positive but Realistic

Rather than pointing out the negatives of a lack of compliance, focus on the positive effects of patient compliance and regular wear. By talking about the reasons behind treatment, and the opportunities OrthoSnap provides for a more aesthetic smile, you can encourage compliance without making patients more resistant through negative comments.

Include the Parents in the Conversation

For teenage patients, consider speaking with the teen about the aesthetic benefits, while looping in the parent or guardian about any monetary benefits of compliance. Be sure to have a separate discussion with the parent about being a support system within the home. Explain to them the importance of regular wear, and go over the treatment instructions again with them. It’s important for teenage patients that their parents or guardians are helping to direct and support responsible wear during the entirety of treatment.

Consider Extra Appointments

For those patients who may be struggling to comply with treatment, additional appointments could help hold them responsible. Consider having them schedule more frequent appointments to simply check-in, and allow you to view progress.

Reward Compliance

Consider starting a smile board for OrthoSnap customers who finish treatment on time. Offer a small bag of goodies for patients once they complete treatment, or a discount on a whitening treatment. Place in a high-trafficked area so people see previous examples of successful treatment cases.

The Importance of Doctor Partnership with OrthoSnap

Ultimately, your face-to-face relationship with the patient is one of the biggest benefits of OrthoSnap, compared to popular mail-order aligners. Be sure to use your face-to-face interactions to encourage and help patients get the most out of their OrthoSnap treatment in the shortest amount of time. Patients happy with their treatment success will be such a benefit to your practice when they recommend your services to family and friends.

To learn more about OrthoSnap’s treatment process, or our Verification Key™ which allows for easy monitoring of patient compliance, visit our Doctor Partnership page, or email OrthoSnap founder Yan Pogorelsky at

It’s Never Too Late for OrthoSnap!

Do you have adult patients who are embarrassed about their smile and feel that it is too late to consider straightening it? Your patients may wish to reconsider. In the last two decades, more adults are choosing to straighten their teeth. Clear aligners are no longer just for the young; they are for everyone.

Perhaps your adult patients had parents who could not afford traditional braces. Or, maybe your patients simply let time march on, giving very little thought to straightening teeth. Regardless of past issues, it is never too late to straighten teeth and OrthoSnap clear aligners are a viable solution for that perfect smile. Consider sharing with your patients the benefits of wearing clear aligners over the age of 50.

Health Does Not Have a Time Stamp!

As a whole, humans are living longer than ever before. This is one of the many reasons adults over 50 are choosing to straighten their teeth. From mobile apps that help us meditate, to apps that even help us find that “special someone”, older adults are embracing wellness, vitality, and better health. As more and more individuals realize the health and aesthetic benefits of orthodontic treatment, straight teeth are becoming a priority. So, along with a “spiritual makeover”, comes a physical one – and straighter teeth among older adults are now a part of the plan!

Adult Patients Are More Compliant

If we could all take time to speak to our younger selves, chances are, we would impart some wisdom, encouragement, and support to that person. As an older adult, we have lived long enough to realize that dedication to anything produces results. Whether we are embarking upon a new exercise regimen, beginning a business, changing our eating habits, or switching careers, we now realize that in order to have stellar results, time, dedication, and devotion are required in order to see benefit.  The same holds true for wearing clear aligners. With age comes wisdom – and now, many adults are ready to put forth the effort to wear those clear aligners to produce a winning smile.

Ease and Comfort

Traditional braces are indeed effective in producing a more aligned smile, but the amount of maintenance can be daunting. Extra brushing after meals is required so that food does not get trapped in the brackets, bands, and wires. Some may even require rubber bands or elastics, which must be taken out before eating and drinking. Wearers of traditional braces also have to have them tightened quite frequently – in most cases, every three to six weeks.

OrthoSnap clear aligners eliminate all of the work that traditional braces require. There are no bands that must be placed around the back teeth, and those dreaded elastics do not even exist.

For older adults, life is about ease and continuity. These are both offered with OrthoSnap clear aligners.  Invented by Dr. Yan Pogorelsky, OrthoSnap aligners are manufactured with clear, transparent FDA-approved materials, that gradually and effectively straighten teeth.

Better Health

We now know that optimal oral health reduces the risk for general health complications as well. Oral bacteria has been directly linked to stroke, dementia, heart disease, and more. OrthoSnap clear aligners promote better health because straighter teeth are much easier to clean. When your patients choose OrthoSnap, they are making an investment in their overall health.

Contact OrthoSnap Today

Connect with OrthoSnap for additional support and tips to offer your patients. With three patents and registration with the FDA, OrthoSnap provides a unique molding system for better-fitting aligners.  Learn more about OrthoSnap by scheduling a meeting with our founder, Yan Pogorelsky. You can also call us at 516-606-7606.

Talking Points for Potential Aligner Treatment Customers

When describing the benefits of clear aligners, low visibility, ease of cleaning, and effectiveness in moving teeth are all important topics. But what personally motivates patients to make the commitment, both in time and money, may vary significantly with age. Whether speaking to a teenager, working parent, or senior citizen, knowing how each stage of life influences purchases can be key in convincing patients of the benefits of OrthoSnap clear aligners. After discussing these age-targeted benefits, remember to explain how OrthoSnap products do not rely on digital impressions as Invisalign® and ClearCorrect® products do. OrthoSnap produces each tray from an original cast, eliminating issues that plague other aligner companies.


Anyone raising teenagers knows there is a lot going on in their lives. Many teens experience social pressures to fit into this group or that. Physically, their bodies and teeth are still developing. And they are developing good oral hygiene practices that will hopefully continue throughout their lives. One benefit of discussing dental options with teenagers is that they are generally receptive to advice from adults.

For the teenager’s parents, it may be helpful to explain how an early start on straightening teeth can deliver better results than trying to fix crowded teeth later in life. Parents should also appreciate the fact that they are sending their kids into the world with the confidence of a healthy smile. Cavities are more prevalent when teeth are not properly spaced, meaning an early start with alignment trays may mean less cavities (and dental hygiene problems) down the road.  

Teenagers are more prone to speech impediments than adults. One talking point for them could be an explanation of how the structure of their teeth affects speech. Both parents and teenagers are familiar with traditional wire-based braces. Reminding both members of a family that technology has brought major advances is teeth restructuring technology can go a long way in defining the advantages of OrthoSnap aligners.

Working-age Adults

As we age into our 20s, 30s, and beyond, our careers and reputations become top priorities. For better or worse, our leadership abilities in the workplace are partly influenced by our outward appearance. It’s human nature. When someone exudes healthy hygiene habits, co-workers and managers take notice. A healthy smile implies a strong work ethic. Similarly, individuals who do not take care of their appearance appear to be less organized and potentially lacking leadership traits. Straight rows of teeth add to the power of a smile. And the world could always use more smiles.

Many workers and parents put their careers before themselves. OrthoSnap aligners can also be marketed as one small way working adults can reward their years of selfless work, especially when the results have direct implications for how they are perceived in the workplace.

Adults Over the Age of 60

As we enter retirement age, life’s priorities again change. Studies have shown that our teeth are a major determining factor in how old (or young) we appear. Who wouldn’t want to cut five years off their age? That may not be possible in literal terms, but straightened teeth can help a customer at least appear to have shed a few years. Older adults may also be more interested in how properly aligned teeth can improve chewing and swallowing functions. Finally, senior citizens are keenly aware of terms like crowns, dentures, and dental implants. Properly aligned teeth are easier to clean and protect than crowded teeth. An investment in OrthoSnap may be one way to preserve natural teeth.

Benefits of the OrthoSnap Process

At OrthoSnap, we provide aligners that are superior and more effective than our competitors. Our process also reduces overall cost, meaning you can offer your patients competitive price-point options. To learn about OrthoSnap’s innovative modeling system, visit our webpage How OrthoSnap Works or email OrthoSnap inventor Yan Pogorelsky at


Orthosnap Gives Big Apple Dental Meeting Attendees Something to Chew On

In less than a decade, OrthoSnap has emerged as a breakthrough method to for moving patients’ teeth into straighter positions. First patented in 2011 by inventor Dr. Yan Pogorelsky, OrthoSnap’s product featuring FDA-approved materials has helped more than 100 new patients every month discover the right treatment for their crooked, crowded, or otherwise imperfect smiles. In fact, OrthoSnap has proven a success for mild to severe orthodontics cases.

Recently, OrthoSnap attended the Greater New York Dental Meeting (GNYDM). Our purpose in was to bring awareness to our clinically tested process of moving teeth. We want dentists to know that our system can cost up to 30 percent less than other clear aligners and treat a wider range of candidates. Read on for some highlights of the early December experience in the Big Apple. Then, contact us to find out if OrthoSnap is a fit for your dental practice.

Attendance Was Off-the-Charts Impressive

More than 50,000 dentists, dental assistants, dental hygienists, and dental technicians from 146 countries came to the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center for the GNYDM in early December 2018. Not only did this forum give OrthoSnap a platform to showcase our groundbreaking treatment, but it gave us the opportunity to learn from colleagues across the dentistry field. Throughout the few days of the meeting, dozens of speakers educated our fellow national and international attendees. Emerging, clinically successful technologies such as OrthoSnap were some of the hottest topics, as dental providers globally want to find leading edge ways to treat their patients.

OrthoSnap Exhibited Alongside More Than 1,000 Companies

According to statistics recently released from the GNYDM, more than 1,600 technical exhibits including OrthoSnap were housed in the Center for the duration of the event. Located in a prime corner spot, the OrthoSnap booth saw its share of interested attendees fascinated by the possibility of making orthodontia less expensive and faster for more of their patients. This allowed us a wonderful opportunity to meet current and new partners.

Our GNYDM Video Is Available Online for Viewing by Anyone

To prepare for the GNYDM, we created a short video highlighting how OrthoSnap works. At our exhibitor booth, we presented the video so guests could understand why OrthoSnap stands apart from other clear aligners. Want to watch the video yourself? It’s available right now at Vimeo. Discover for yourself why our accelerated, well-accepted treatment plan makes so many patients – and their dentists – smile!

Being at GNYDM Brought OrthoSnap Awareness to Dental Providers and Staff

Seeing is believing. At GNYDM, our team spent time answering questions and fostering relationships with people from every corner of the globe. Whenever possible, we supplemented our discussions with hands-on demonstrations and videos. Our expectation is that the attendees will take their newfound knowledge back to their home practices and spread the word about the OrthoSnap revolution.

Introduce Your Patients to Clear Orthodontics

Clear orthodontics treatment isn’t a fad: It’s a long-term trend that appeals to patients of all ages. If you want to solve your patient’s smile issues faster without putting them at risk, invest some time in OrthoSnap as a cosmetic dentistry treatment solution.

Interested in learning more about OrthoSnap? Schedule a meeting with our founder or call us at (516) 506-7606. Our manufacturing and headquarters are in Westbury, NY. However, we happily work with dental providers throughout the world.

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