Partners with Our Doctors

AtOrthoSnap, we prefer clinical effectiveness over technology for its own sake, and for this reason we made a conscious decision not to supply direct-to-consumer models by mail order and other channels. We are certain there will come a time when technology such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning will replace much of the medical and dental services of today, and we are equally certain that today is not that day.

We know that doctors will educate themselves with the materials here, and will make decisions based on medical knowledge rather than marketing budget. Patients may chose the convenience of an intra-oral scanner and a 3D animation over the effectiveness of an impression and cast model, and may not be able to judge if the severity of their case is a good fit for the process selected. Our focus is to provide the best services we can to the doctor, and allow them to provide the best service they can to their patients.


Patient Compliance

Theeffectiveness of OrthoSnap, like any long term medical treatment plan, requires doctor and patient discussion of the treatment, and then for the treatment to be successful, patient compliance. We believe that the face-to-face relationship between a patient and doctor is essential for establishing the right plan, and for ongoing patient compliance. The role of the doctor is not only that of an essential expert care provider, but also of an encourager and partner in reaching the final treatment goal.

With OrthoSnap, compliance is quite easy to check because the perfect fit of the aligners over the teeth make patient compliance immediately obvious. Additionally, every 10th step (aligner) comes with a Verification Key™ aligner. This appliance is made of thicker material and is only to be fitted in the doctor’s office, to verify that treatment is on track. It is not meant to be taken home by the patient or worn as a regular treatment aligner. The verification aligner lets the doctor know if the case is progressing as expected and encourages patients to visit the doctor every 10 steps, or 3-4 months.

We know there are patients who comply and those who do not, and at OrthoSnap, we have a program that allows our doctors to manage extensions and refinements in a roll-over manner, so they can always manage to an average patient before having to charge non-compliant patients for chair time and lab work.


Customer Service

At OrthoSnap we put customer service first. We are available to answer our customer questions around the clock and we can be reached by phone, email, or live chat. We value transparency in our operations, and we have a doctor portal so that our doctors can see exactly where in the process their case is, from submitting the case online, to tracking the shipment as it enters their office.

24/7 Customer Service and Live Chat Online, so we are available during and after office hours, when you're planning cases.

Doctor Portal allows tracking cases and securely storing patient records, images, and notes.

OrthoSnap is a full service provider with free training and seminars for our doctors, online or at our training facility.

We work directly with doctors and do not market directly to patients, because doctors are integral to patient success with OrthoSnap!

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