OrthoSnap Aligners

Made of clear acrylic, removable OrthoSnap aligners are a comfortable and convenient alternative to traditional orthodontic braces.

How It Works

OrthoSnap aligners move teeth incrementally, in an alternating pattern for optimal effectiveness.

Clinical Effectiveness

Cases range from simple treatments that take only a few months to highly complex treatments that last just under two years.

Become a Provider

Dentists require no special training or complexity to become an OrthoSnap provider. Simply send us a case and get started today!

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If you want to offer patients a clear aligner product, but you simply have not found one that meets your standards and expectations, it’s time to explore OrthoSnap.


OrthoSnap aligners fit perfectly and work better!

Our patented manufacturing process is less expensive.

Doctors are our partners.

Without adding complexity or proprietary training classes to your office, OrthoSnap allows dentists to treat patients with mild to severe orthodontic cases in less time than traditional orthodontics, and without tooth extractions and IPRs, which are often required by other clear aligner systems. Best of all, due to our unique patented manufacturing process, our solution is less expensive than others.

Becoming an Orthosnap provider is simple.

While you’re on this website, take time to learn how the product works,

read about its clinical effectiveness,

see and discuss the interesting cases we have completed,

and then send us a case to try it yourself.



OrthoSnap providers require no special equipment and can get started right away. All you need to do is send us a case for a free consultation.


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